Human Phage Therapy Day

Paris, April 27, 2017











In 1917 Felix d’Herelle coined the word Bacteriophage (literally bacteria-eater, from the greek words baktêria and phagein) to describe the antibacterial agents he isolated and immediately used to treat bacterial infections. After the celebration of the 100 years of bacteriophage research (, Institut Pasteur is organizing the Human Phage Therapy Day to draw the inventory of one century of phage therapy in collaboration with the no-profit organisations Phage in Human Applications Group Europe (P.H.A.G.E.)( and Phagotherapie 2020.

This symposium will start with a brief historical overview of human phage therapy, followed by an inventory of how it is practiced today in several countries. A second part will be devoted to three workshops each addressing a relevant question about the reintroduction of bacteriophages into modern medicine within One-Health context.

This symposium is open to participants from several fields (scientists, clinicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, legal experts, politicians…) as well as institutions (private and public) that will have the opportunity to interact with the invited experts during workshops as well as poster sessions.

Our ambition is to make this event a milestone in the reintroduction of Phage Therapy to outline what is needed now and tomorrow to propose the use bacteriophages as a solution for targeting antibiotics resistant bacteria.

The final program is available here.

Organized by

Laurent DEBARBIEUX, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Olivier PATEY, Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal, Villeneuve St. Georges, France

Thomas ROSE, Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Brussels, Belgium

With the support of P.H.A.G.E. and  JPIAMR


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